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XBLA Awards: Braid can't rewind loss to Castle Crashers


Castle Crashers recovered from a 4-month gimp to be crowned the Xbox Live Arcade "Game of the Year" in the second annual community voting awards. Somewhat surprisingly, Castle Crashers also managed to nab "Best Co-op Mode" despite being virtually unplayable online for four out of its seven months in release. On its way to top honors, The Behemoth's beat-em-up notably beat out its fellow indie nominee, Braid, which was famously dismissed by an American youth spokesperson.

Braid's losing streak continued in the "Best Single Player Game" category, which was claimed by Orange Box cutout Portal: Still Alive (oh right, it has "exclusive" challenge maps), but Jonathan Blow's timeless effort did mange to win "Best Innovation" amid stiff competition. (We were certain Kefling's innovative "use of Avatars" was a shoo-in.)

The complete list of awards and recipients is posted after the break.

And the Xbox Live Arcade Award goes to ...

Game of the Year
Castle Crashers

Best Versus Mode
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Best Single Player Game
Portal: Still Alive

Best Remake
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Best Original Game
Castle Crashers

Best Innovation

Best Graphics
Super Street Fight II Turbo HD Remix

Best Family Game
A Kingdom for Keflings

Best Co-op Mode
Castle Crashers

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