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BBC Watchdog gets to the bottom of Xbox 360 disc scratching


We've all known about a busted Xbox 360's ability to not only self-destruct, but to also trash any games you place into the console. Bumps, vibrations, or any kind of movement while a game is being played can bring about a quick death to that particular disc, and now the problem has reached the doorstep of BBC Watchdog, who decided to conduct some tests of their own.

Taking a new Xbox 360 and one that had been known to cause the circular disc scratch, BBC Watchdog placed each console on a level surface with a vase of water next to it to help monitor movement. Then, the tests began, starting with small vibrations to simulate walking around the house. Both consoles passed, but when the strength of the vibrations was increased to the level of a book dropping on a table, the older Xbox 360 put a big ring on the disc inside of it, whereas the new unit performed swimmingly.

As always, the emphasis is on keeping the Xbox 360 on a level, safe place when playing. We understand that hardware malfunctions can be a touchy subject, but throwing a tantrum with a disc in the tray might be a bad idea.

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