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New 'Ace Attorney Investigations' trademark is evidence of Gyakuten Kenji localization


Spencer from Siliconera found a US trademark from Capcom for something called Ace Attorney Investigations. Just for the simple fact that it means more Ace Attorney anything, that is wonderful news. But Spencer conjectures that the trademarked title is intended for Gyakuten Kenji, the Ace Attorney spinoff starring Miles Edgeworth.

It's a good guess -- the point-and-click style adventure game focuses on investigating crime scenes with Edgeworth and Detective Gumshoe over courtroom action. It's been over a year since we last had Ace Attorney content, so we'll TAKE THAT without OBJECTIONs when it releases, and we hope Capcom doesn't decide to HOLD IT back. But will we be able to pay way too much for it like Japanese fans?


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