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Atlantic Technology ships its NetStreams-enabled in-wall speakers

Steven Kim

Atlantic Technology may not have hit the initially-promised Q4 2008 launch for its NetStreams-enabled in-wall speakers, but given the housing slump, that's probably just fine. The three new models -- IWTS-4 LCR-IP, IWTS-7 LCR-IP and IWTS-14 LCR-IP are ready to go now, and just as promised, they can switch hit between standard analog hookup and a NetStreams connection that will keep things digital right up to the cones; to take advantage of the 50-Watts of biamplification built into each speaker, though, you'll need to spring for the NetStreams hookup. Yours for $250, $325 or $450 each depending on whether you opt for the IWTS-4, IWTS-7 or IWTS-14; and don't forget to budget about $60 more for the grilles and frames on the two top-end models.

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