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DC Universe Online and The Agency get a 2010 release date

Brooke Pilley

John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment announced that both DC Universe Online and The Agency are slated for release in 2010 during his GDC keynote speech. This will come as disappointing news to anxious fans, but probably great news for Cryptic Studios who appear to be on target for a 2009 release of their own super hero MMO, Champions Online. NCsoft will breath a little easier too now that they will only have to deal with one threat to City of Heroes this year instead of two.

The news of DCUO in 2010 is not surprising, but many fans were expecting (read: hoping) The Agency would come out some time this year. The team-based spy thriller will eventually be playable on both the PC and console platforms and delaying too much longer could give rise to issues if the PS4 is ever announced. That said, SOE should be more plugged in to their own company's console than other developers, so they would be best equipped to deal with that potential situation should it occur. Perhaps this is the very reason The Agency is being delayed? Without much official news on the title lately, fans can do little else but speculate.

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