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Disney: Toy Story Mania! doesn't include 3D glasses (yet!)

Tipsters are pointing out that Toy Story Mania! -- the recently announced exclusive for the Nintendo Wii -- would include a pair of 3-D glasses when it shipped this fall. However, Disney tells Joystiq that it has yet to confirm any details on packaging. While Disney had previously confirmed the game (based on a 3D Disney Studios attraction) would include "bonus 3D features," no further details regarding the nature of the bonuses were revealed.

When contacted for a clarification, Sunny Ing of Disney Interactive Studios told Joystiq the Disney folks were currently exploring options and "haven't come to a decision" whether or not to include such an item with the game. With the famed characters of Toy Story, we think a set of 3-D glasses would be the icing on the cake for fun, family entertainment. But, maybe that's just us.

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