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GDC09: Multiverse travels to the City of Sinners and Saints and the Islands of War


This summer is shaping up to be a big release for the Multiverse platform, as two independent developers are gearing up to remove the final bugs from their games built on the open-source engine. However, their choice in development platform is the only thing these two games have in common, as both have taken radically different approaches to their gameplay.

Telos International's City of Sinners and Saints will be setting up a closed beta for April in preparations of opening their doors to the public in June. The game is focusing on creating a social networking experience within a three dimensional space, combining Facebook-esque concepts with game environment mechanics. Quests and games will be available, but most of the focus centers on creating an avatar and just meeting other people in a very over-the-top environment.

On the flip side, Neojac Entertainment's Islands of War has announced that they wish to start their open beta today, the 25th of March, and they have requested testers via their website. This fantasy themed MMORPG has been created more in the vein of the traditional MMO, a la World of Warcraft. While the game will be incorporating features that the casual player will enjoy, the setup seems to be more traditional than the approach of Sinners and Saints.

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