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Sony blames legal hurdles for lack of downloadable UMD games in America


The PlayStation Store in Japan is completely different than the one featured here in the States. Not only is it filled with classic PSone content, PSP owners can digitally download most modern games such as Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2 and even Resistance Retribution. The US Store features none of this content.

John Koller explains that the ultimate goal of SCEA will be to mirror the content available in Japan. "What's coming out of Japan echoes the way that we look at the world here in North America. They have decided to go full-bore with digital content, and we have as well. All of that's going to happen," he told Wired. Koller blames legal issues for the current dearth of content on the PlayStation Store. "There are a few hurdles you need to jump through. A lot of them are legal, so if you have a music game, for example, you have to clear all those rights. The same goes for any other type of game, there are certain negotiations that still need to be done."

We're not entirely certain what legalities get in the way of digital distribution, but with Apple making a big splash with the iPhone, and Nintendo readying the DSiWare lineup, Sony will have to act quickly. Strange that it seems the company is playing catch-up, when PSP offered this opportunity for years.

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