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Two mods for thwarting The Alchemist's Apprentice

Alex Ziebart

Ever since Wrath of the Lich King was in beta, my least favorite daily quest was The Alchemist's Apprentice from Zul'Drak, part of Troll Patrol. I could zoom through all of the other Troll Patrol quests without any stalling or hesitation, but this one would hold me up forever with its stupid Seasoned Cider Sliders and Muddy Mire Maggots. It never kept me long enough for me to fail the Troll Patrol timer, but it kept me long enough to be an extreme annoyance.

At this point I've memorized where all of the weird little ingredients are in Finklestein's lab, but now that I've started reading Flame Shock, a Shaman blog, I realize how silly I've been. I don't use a lot of mods, so I never think to look for mods for very small, very specific things like a single quest, but it turns out I really should have, just like when most everyone was using Ogri'Lazy and I was still typing "blue red red red green red yellow" in /say to myself.

The blogger behind Flame Shock lists two different addons that are worth checking out for this quest: EasySerum and a much less elegantly named "Finklestein daily serum quest helper." Flame Shock has pictures of both in action, with EasySerum listing the location of the item you need in your chatbox and the second mod putting a dot on your minimap, showing the item's location visually. Your days of needing to start the quest because you ran to the wrong side? Over!

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