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UMID's mbook M1 gets sturdier shell, further away from reality

Darren Murph

Man, talk about loving the drama. UMID's mbook M1 has sent us on a roller coaster of emotion, and clearly the ride is far from over. After hearing that the totally cute MID was actually nowhere near a US release and that early builds were having some nasty quality issues, Pocketables has come forward with some (mostly) positive news. For starters, the unit will be delayed until May in Australia and Hong Kong, but the reasoning is sound: there's an improved shell being implemented that will hopefully not crumble with use. Sadly, a US release date is still "unknown," and we're told that models sans HSDPA will be available prior to those with HSDPA. Check the read link for a few of the finer points, but don't even bother if you're not willing to pull the import trigger.

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