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Alienware to lay off workers, in spite of global expansion


Alienware is expanding their global reach this year, offering their products in 35 countries, including Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Latin America and Brazil. So why is it that the company is axing an indeterminate number of employees? Simple: to take care of redundancies. Alienware's parent, Dell, is looking to consolidate many of the divisions both companies share, such as accounting, finance, and others. Alienware spokesman Winnie Wong said the consolidation is "putting two teams together into one unbeatable team."

Dell has been hard-hit by the sagging economy -- the decision to layoff employees at its high-end Alienware division seems logical. Wong reiterates that, in spite of the layoffs, the Alienware brand will still remain intact. "We will still build the brand, still have our own position to represent the Dell gaming brand," she said. "A lot of the products' messaging will still be intact."

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