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ArcSoft releases BD-friendly TotalMedia Theatre 3 software

Darren Murph

ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre is generally perceived as a fairly respectable piece of software for playing back Blu-ray Discs on BD-equipped PCs, and if you're looking for a great time to give it a go, now would be it. The company has just unleashed the third installment of said application, bringing with it BD support and compatibility with the undoubtedly awesome Xonar HDAV series audio card to bring true, lossless 7.1 channel output to the home. Other new features include enhanced video display results, robust Blu-ray interactive features support, DTS Surround Sensation Ultra PC capability, MKV, FLV and HE-AAC audio support and direct playback from camcorders. If interested, you can snag it right now via ArcSoft's website for $89.99 (full version) or $39.99 and up for the upgrade.

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