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Helms SoundBuddy II K999B iPod sound system has the look (and little else)

Darren Murph

In the vast, treacherous world of me-too iPod sound systems, Helms' SoundBuddy II K999B Mini 2.1 Digital Audio System does a commendable job of standing out. What it doesn't do so well, however, is sound good. Unfortunately for it, the music side of things is pretty darn important when it comes to deciding on an audio setup. iLounge recently got ahold of this here unit, and while the styling was definitely unique and highly lauded, some of the design aspects -- including the actual docking apparatus and the speaker location -- were understandably questioned. Furthermore, critics found the sound quality to be borderline laughable given the steep $140 price of entry, leading to a conclusion that the hands-on images in the read link are probably as close as you (or your wallet) should ever get to this one.

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