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New trailer confirms that animals love Katamari Damacy Tribute


We know we should keep our enthusiasm for Katamari Damacy Tribute at reasonable levels. After all, creator Keita Takahashi has officially moved on, and the games haven't maintained the same charm since his departure. But then the trademark Katamari Damacy music kicks in (this time, performed by a variety of Japanese musicians), stuff starts getting rolled up, and we're enthralled. This trailer is fantastic, and not just because of the animal pictures.

The animal pictures do help a lot.

The trailer confirms the return of stages from previous Katamaris -- the gingerbread house is easily identifiable enough as originating in We Love Katamari. But there also seem to be new stages, like one in which your katamari causes plants to grow wherever it goes. There is further new content in the new music, the new 1080p presentation, and an optional (or restricted to certain stages) cel-shaded look. Just like that, we're in love with Katamari Damacy again! How disturbing.

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