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Original Call of Duty rated for PSN, Xbox Live

Even without all of the perks, ranks, prestige ranks and zombified Nazis, the original Call of Duty still holds up as one of the most compelling shooters we've ever played. Activision is apparently hoping that the gaming community still holds a special place in their collective hearts for the best-selling 2003 title -- according to a PEGI (a European game ratings board) rating, the original Call of Duty is on its way to PSN and Xbox Live. Oh, and also, it apparently contains blood and violence.

Somewhat confirming that the PEGI rating wasn't just a cruel joke being played by sinister European masterminds, the ESRB has updated its rating for the PC version of Call of Duty to include Xbox 360 and PS3 tags. We've contacted Activision for further details -- we'll let you know whether you'll be busting out those old beach-stormin' shoes sometime soon.

[Thanks, Squeedom!]

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