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Simultaneous digital, retail PSP releases could be standard in five years

Majed Athab

SCEA's John Koller acknowledges that simultaneous retail and digital release is the way Japan and Europe are going; however, it's not the direction North American is heading towards. Well, not now anyhow. Koller says that day-and-date UMD/digital launching is something that's a "mid-term" goal, not something SCEA is aiming for in the short-term and it could take up to five years before it becomes standard business

"In North America we haven't made a firm decision if and when we're going to launch day and date, retail and digital ... we're looking at the opportunity," said Koller in a GDC conference (via The real question now is: Will the PSP be around that long for us to see this business model take flight? Perhaps, we'll have to wait for Sony's next portable gaming device.

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