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The Karaoke Kit: everything you need to be a singer, save for courage

Darren Murph

Eager to add a little spice to your weekly "family night?" No, we're not talking about forcing your kids to hack your DS into a MIDI controller while you and the spouse race to see who can eat the most frankfurters in ten minutes, we're talking about karaoke. The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE has just branched out by introducing its first hardware kit, which includes a pair of microphones, a vocal mixer and a volume controller. Oh, and this is somehow the first and only karaoke system "designed explicitly for use online," which likely means it's too lousy to be used in public. Anywho -- the singing system can be procured right now for $99.95 with a one year's subscription to The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE's library of more than 5,000 songs, or if you've got all the latest hits logged in your brain, you can snag the standalone kit for $39.95.

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