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Analyst: $60 price point is safe for now

Majed Athab

Roughly two months ago, Signal Hill analyst Todd Greenwald said publishers would ease up on the standard $60 pricing for Triple-A games, but now he's changing his tune. According to Greenwald (via, the $60 price tag won't change anytime soon, as consumers are satisfied with the current pricing and enjoy spending more on premium-priced special edition software. So it's all your fault.

Although, with a growing market for cheap, used games (Toys R' Us and Amazon joining the fray) and a trend towards cost-cutting digital distribution, you'd think there would be even more pressure put on the relatively high retail pricing. Greenwald takes this into account, too; he states that although "near-term fundamentals are holding up well," a long-term projection is "cloudy." In short, as long as games continue to fly off the shelves like they are now, $59.99 is here to stay.

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