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GDC09: Bioware drops Mass Effect 2 details

IGN recently had a chance to talk to Bioware execs Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka about the three huge projects the developer is currently working on -- most notably among these being the much anticipated sequel to 2007's alien-sexin' sim, Mass Effect. Though the two hardly spoke in absolutes (they promised more concrete details and footage "a little later"), they did reveal some intriguing facts -- for instance, they're already planning on bringing DLC to Mass Effect 2 that will appease the franchise's widely varied fan base. In other words, extra extraterrestrial sex scenes.

They didn't confirm whether the PC version of Mass Effect 2 would be released in tandem with the 360 installment, but did reveal that the two versions are being developed simultaneously. As far as gameplay improvements go, they explained that they're building on the framework of the original while fixing certain aspects that were harangued by critics -- namely, they're working to make the game's shooter element more intuitive, and to make the optional planetary exploration less mind-numbingly repetitive.

Finally, they re-iterated that though the recent teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2 depicts a doornail-dead Shepard, you should still hold on to your Mass Effect saves. Maybe they'll help determine the stats of his ghost.

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