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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Meizu M8 unboxing and hands-on!
Yes, folks -- things are about to get really real. We have managed, through a series of delicate negotiations, to get our hands on an honest-to-goodness Meizu M8 -- heretofore the stuff of pure legend.

Microsoft's new ad shows how people shop for computers in the real America
Microsoft's latest ad -- a companion-piece to its new "Laptop Hunters" website -- stars "real person" Lauren. Lauren's a little funky, a little folksy, and 100 percent real.

HTC Magic (Sapphire) with T-Mobile USA logo hits the FCC
It's been just over a month since HTC's Magic / Sapphire first made its way through the FCC, although without any indication its destiny lied with T-Mobile.
Other news of import

Klipsch HD Theater 500 5.1-channel sound system hands-on
Klipsch stunned the boxed surround sound world back in late January with the announcement of three relatively affordable 5.1 sound systems.

Palm issues takedown for TealOS
If you're a fan of TealOS (you know, that fairly striking webOS-aping launcher for Palm devices), you're in for some bad news.

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