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The Ice Dwarf King comes to Runes of Magic

The teams at Frogster Interactive and Runewaker Entertainment are hard at work, continuing to develop more content for Runes of Magic, not content to rest after the hard work that went in up to the recent launch. Players wandering into Taborea for the first time are greeted by a world that will remind them of many of their favorite MMOs. By the mid-teens, Runes of Magic will begin to break away and stand on its own feet as an interesting free-to-play title with its own culture. For those of you who have been playing for a while (or just play a lot) you may well be up into the 30's or 40's, looking for new challenges to overcome. Luckily, there's some good news coming for you.

Today, there was an announcement of a new instance being added to Runes of Magic. Called the "Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom", the new area will offer adventurers all new quest arcs needed to unlock access to explore the ruins atop the Dragonfang Ridge. Meant for players around level 35 to 40, this new dungeon boasts several 'middle-bosses' that you'll have to defeat in order to get to the central part of the labyrinthine complex. Of course, once you've made it there, the fire giant Thynos will be waiting to greet you, set to guard the Font of Power with his life.

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This new update should be on the live servers within a few weeks, but for now, we've managed to snag six shiny new screens of dwarvish and fiery newness, and there's a video on the main RoM site to check out. If you want the real inside scoop, though - be watching Massively over the next day or so; we had a chance to sit down with the team over GDC and we've got some interesting things to tell you!

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