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TORC shows off WaySight and AutoNav-Mini for small, expensive robots


The last we heard from the gang at TORC their tech was being used to snag third place in the DARPA Urban Challenge, and now Engineering TV has a couple programs highlighting some of the company's more portable technology. Compared to other control units, WaySight is relatively small (under three pounds), and can be used to sight the robot either by selecting GPS waypoints via laser range finder in real time, or -- if the GPS is unavailable -- by sighting the robot and then the waypoint in relation to it. If the operator doesn't find any of that appealing, the unit can be used to steer the robot using the unit's built in accelerometer. The unit has a range of up to 400 meters. The AutoNav-Mini, which is installed on the robot, features a GPS unit, low level obstacle avoidance and detection sensors, laser range finder, radar, and more. This technology has all sorts of practical and legitimate uses, for sure -- but none so satisfying as the fun we'd have chasing our little sister around the living room with it. Hit the read links for all sorts of crazy videos.

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