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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup considers truncation

You know, we're starting to think Infinity Ward was on to something when it recently dropped the Call of Duty branding from its Modern Warfare series. As much as we admire the elbow grease applied by one Ross Miller to this humble weekly feature, it's becoming an entirely different beast -- one deserving of a fresh, abridged moniker. We're considering "The Wrapup," or just "Wrapup," or, simply, "Up." We might have to wrestle that last title from the unrelenting grasp of Pixar, but we think it'd be well worth the trouble.

On this edition of Up, we've highlighted our seven favorite webcomics of the past week, as seen below. You can vote for your favorite after the break, and suggest strips for future Ups in the comments section. Or you can do neither of those, and instead go make a delicious sandwich. The world truly is your oyster.

In the Line of Duty (Digital Unrest)
Dress for Success (Burn the Internet)
Freshness (Penny Arcade)
Terminal Computing (SideScroller)
Comic Strip (BitF)
Cheering You Up (Stolen Pixels)
For the Wrong Reasons (2P Start)


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