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Gefen announces 4x2 and 2x4 Switchers for HDMI v1.3

Darren Murph

Gefen's roll of new switchers continues today with two new ones: the 4x2 Switcher for HDMI v1.3 and the 2x4 Switcher for HDMI v1.3. The former, as the title insinuates, enables users to connect four HDMI v1.3-enabled devices to two HDTVs or projectors, while the latter is aimed at integrators wanting to display the same high-def video and audio on four HDTVs or projectors at the same time. Each one also comes bundled with HDMI cables and is fully CEC pass-through / HDCP compliant. As for pricing, you're looking at $549 for the 4x2 and $699 for the 2x4, and they'll both ship out next month.

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