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LG GM630 does mobile TV of some sort

Chris Ziegler

These days, there are seemingly dozens of TV technologies a phone can choose to support -- take the glofiish V900, for example, which goes the standards-agnostic route and packs frickin' four of them -- so it's difficult to deduce what sort of circuitry a heretofore-unknown LG with a "TV" button placed prominently below the display might include. That being said, this brightly-colored GM630 flip with a landscape display has leaked on a Brazilian site -- one of the few countries where one-seg is in use -- so we wouldn't be surprised if that's what was going on here. Otherwise, CelularCafe reports that the phone will have an FM radio, Bluetooth, EDGE data, and a 2 megapixel cam; something tells us those specs aren't good enough to get a US release, and given that the US has as many functional one-seg networks as it has DAB broadcasts, that's just fine by us.

[Via Unwired View]

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