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Marshall's forthcoming field monitor makes viewfinders weep

Darren Murph

Picked up a prosumer camcorder, have ye? If you're already sick and tired of peering through that minuscule viewfinder, Marshall Electronics has a solution. The V-LCD651ST-HDA camera-top monitor is a forthcoming field display with a super transflective 1,024 x 768 panel that should shine brightly even in direct sunlight. Other specs include 650 nits of brightness, four user-configurable function buttons, RGB gain and bias control and a 4-pin XLR power jack. The 1.3-pound unit arrives in two major module configurations: 3GSDI (Composite, YPbPr and 3G/HD/SDI) and HDMI (Composite, YPbPr and HDMI). Check it "soon" for $1,899 (with small battery adapter) or $1,999 (V-mount and Anton/Bauer battery adapter).

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