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'Max Payne' & sequel get Xbox 360 listings from ESRB

Before Max Payne turned into a homeless-looking Vin Diesel (pictured center, if you didn't guess) he was a "take no prisoner, nothing to lose" New York detective out for revenge. Now he looks like he takes no showers, amirite?

Max Payne was a classic when it hit the PC and, although a lot was left to be desired when it was thrown onto consoles, the Max Payne series shined on the original Xbox among third-person shooters. Searching the original titles on the ESRB website revealed both titles had been rated for the Xbox 360 platform, a process that ordinarily occurs when a game is set to be released as an Xbox Original. File this under: "Taken with a grain of salt," but it's possible Max's previous adventures will be added to the Xbox 360's digital list ... just in time for his latest pill-popping journey this winter.

ESRB -- Max Payne
ESRB -- Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

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