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Touchscreen-based CUPC-P80 UMPC just might double as a carputer

Darren Murph

Comfile Technology's CUPC-P80 isn't quite a full-fledged UMPC, though it could definitely get away with posing as one. Realistically though, we suspect this one was engineered to control media and such within your vehicle. The 12v power system and the 10.2-inch display sure make it an ideal candidate for replacing that stock radio in your '87 Taurus, and while the 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 isn't potent enough to stream YouTube videos in high-def, it should be plenty to spin your latest Tears For Fears-filled playlist. Other specs include 512MB of RAM, an Ethernet port, 4GB of flash storage, three USB sockets and an SD card slot. The rig can be purchased now for $699 without an OS, or for $849 with Windows XP embedded.

[Via Zedomax, thanks Max]

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