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AT&T pulls trigger on Nokia E71x and Samsung Propel Pro

Chris Ziegler

Kicking off what's sure to be a fun-filled week of announcements surrounding CTIA out in Vegas, AT&T's smartphone lineup just got a little beefier thanks to the official introduction of a couple devices we've been expecting for a hot minute now. First up, the Nokia E71x is just about ready for shelves, bringing WiFi, AT&T Navigator (which hopefully won't preclude the use of Nokia Maps and other GPS-enabled apps), and all of the lauded physical design characteristics you're used to from the original, unbranded E71. The best thing here might be the price -- just $99.99 on contract after rebate, thankfully beating rumors of $200 and $150 by a country mile; it'll hit shelves "in the coming weeks." Next up is the Samsung Propel Pro, a device that shares very little in common with its Propel namesake other than a form factor, mainly because this sucker's a full-out smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.1. It's got WiFi, a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard (naturally) and will be available on April 14 for $149.99 after all your discounts have been applied and your two-year agreement is filed away.

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