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Black Prophecy cinematic trailer reveals ancient Restorer race

James Egan

Among the upcoming sci-fi MMO releases we're curious about is Black Prophecy, a title in development at Reakktor Media in Germany. Black Prophecy's backdrop is a far future setting where conflict rages between humanity's two evolutionary offshoots; the biologically-superior Genides wage war against the technologically-superior Tyi. Each opposed faction threatens to wipe out the existence of their rival, but both the Genides and Tyi now face a greater common threat, the ancient Restorer alien race.

Reakktor released a cinematic trailer for Black Prophecy today that shows off aggressive fleet battles and new ship designs, while giving us a closer look at the Restorers. We've got a YouTube embed of the Black Prophecy cinematic trailer for you below, best viewed in fullscreen HD:

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