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GDC09: Gameloft's DSiWare plans include popstar, soccer simulators

Even though Nintendo has been tight-lipped about its DSiWare plans, Gameloft showed us a couple titles it has coming to the system during GDC last week.

Although Gameloft wouldn't show us Assassin's Creed or its other iPhone titles, it did showcase two titles currently underway for Nintendo's new DS revision. Wannabe pop stars will have a chance to climb the social ladder in the adventure/mini-game American Popstar: Road to Celebrity, while footy fans will get to flex their sports-sim muscle in Real Soccer 2009. The ESRB also lists both titles as rated for the Nintendo DS, which either means the pair will see a retail release for non-DSi adopters or that it's an overlap measure on the ESRB's side. Either way, mobile pop stars and cellular soccer players are coming to the DS ... um, yay?

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