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Harold Ramis talks Ghostbusters and lengthy game scripts

Jem Alexander

MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo used his MTV Movies contacts to get some info out of Ghostbusters writer and star Harold Ramis regarding the upcoming video game. Ramis said that he and Dan Ackroyd both contributed to the game's narrative, in addition to lending their voices to their old characters, Egon and Ray. "Dan consulted a lot on the story. I just kind of helped him change the dialogue."

Speaking of which, Ramis seemed surprised by just how much dialogue there actually was. "It was a little weird. I had no idea because I'm not a gamer. The game scripts are like 250 pages. You need all these alternatives so it took forever. A lot of it is just yelling, 'Look out! Throw that trap, rookie!'" Hopefully having both of the original writers helping out will make the game as much of a classic as the movies are. We'll find out when the game releases in June.

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