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Proton and Detroit Electric detail their forthcoming rechargeable offerings

Tim Stevens

If you didn't already have enough electric and plug-in hybrid cars on your shopping list for next year, make sure you add pair of offerings from the reborn Detroit Electric to the running. The company (which, naturally, isn't based in Detroit) has already announced a partnership with Malaysian automotive group Proton (owner of Lotus, responsible for much of the Tesla Roadster's underpinnings), and the two are now providing a few details of the offerings set to launch throughout next year in Europe, China, the UK, and the US. Two versions of the e63 model will be available, seemingly distinguished only by how far they can go before stranding you. The so-called "city range" model is rated for 112 miles to a charge and will sell for under $26,000, while the "extended range" version pushes that distance up to 200 miles -- and the price up to $33,000. MSRP for that radical ZAP Alias the company has been teasing you with for years? Nowhere to be found, naturally.

[Via Financial Times]

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