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Skype for iPhone coming Tuesday, says CNET


Update: Our pals at Engadget are reporting that Skype for the iPhone has just hit Japan!

We heard it was on the way, but now CNET says it's official: the Skype application for iPhone and iPod touch should be available tomorrow on the App Store. As expected, the voice-over-IP app will require a WiFi connection to place and receive calls; it will also handle conference calling as a participant, not an initiator, and the first version leaves out SMS, call waiting and an integrated voicemail tool. Skype text chat, unlike voice traffic, will work fine over an EDGE or 3G connection.

Imperfect? Yes, and there are other apps -- Fring and Nimbuzz, for example -- that can talk to the Skype voice network... but the big blue S is providing the stamp of approval for VoIP on the iPhone, and you can bet that Skype's app will shoot to the top of the App Store charts as soon as it's released.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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