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5800 XpressMusic firmware updates brings loads of improvements

Darren Murph

Two firmware updates in a month? If you're the 5800 XpressMusic, the answer's yes. Nokia has just pushed out the second update for said smartphone, and this one's packing some serious heat. For starters, the new software promises faster data downloads from the internet, an improved email experience and a better search experience with in-device search. If that's not enough, Nokia's also opening up new camcorder features (second camera support for still image capture in addition to video calls, burst mode that allows people to take multiple pictures one after another without needing to repress the picture taking button) and adding a mobile dictionary with support for 38 languages. Finally, the 'Application Update' gives owners the ability to check (or set to check automatically) for available updates for applications and update them directly in the device. Needless to say, we'd highly recommend you hit this up on the double, and let us know how it goes, yeah?

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