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Casting call looking for 'Punch-Out!!' lookalikes

Craigslist provides another bit of strange, gaming-related news, this time with EDP Casting sending out a casting call for Punch-Out!! lookalikes. The post is looking for New York natives to fill the boxing gloves of Piston Honda, King Hippo, Great Tiger and, of course, Little Mac. The listing doesn't specify what the casting call is for but we'd like to dream the entire classic NES title would be put to music and run on Broadway -- with the help of Andrew Lloyd Webber, of course.

If you think you've got the chops to jump into Mac's pink sweatsuit, make sure to take note that EDP is looking for someone with "real fire" in their eyes. So, you really have to want the part ... or at least undergo some experimental surgery.

[Via GoNintendo]

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