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HeroEngine does more than just power The Old Republic

Kyle Horner

Look, we're sure you probably know HeroEngine primarily for being the metal beast under Star Wars: The Old Republic's figurative hood. Well, it does more than just power BioWare upcoming space opera epic! HeroEngine has been licensed for use in KizPlanet, being made by game firm Kiz and a, "groundbreaking new science-fiction MMO" by newly formed Colorado-based Zaloli.

HeroEngine also made quite a splash recently at GDC 2009, and we took a very hard look at just what makes it so very impressive. If you're looking for the quick and dirty, this sweet baby is one engine to rule them all, more or less. In BioWare's care, they completely modified the software to fit their needs for Star Wars: The Old Republic. So in essence, yeah, it's kinda like the one ring.

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