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Teenage Engineering's OP-1 synthesizer sure to entice Mark Mothersbaugh

Laura June

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We've been thinking about picking up our own little synth lately, so we were pretty stoked to see Teenage Engineering's OP-1 -- even if it's not near production yet. The pocket-sized synthesizer -- which will also double as a controller for a digital workstation -- is going to boast eight synth models and eight samplers, effects, a sequencer and an arpeggiator. There's a built-in mic, speaker, and, excitingly, an FM radio. On the controller side of the device, it's got transport controls, four rotary encoders, plus 16 quick keys. There's no word yet on when (if) this thing will hit the market, though they're taking volunteers for beta testing as of now. Sounds awesome, looks rad: sign us up!

Update: Video of a display test of the OP-1 after the break!

[Via Music Radar]

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