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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Skype for iPhone now live in US
It's finally here, and even a few minutes early. Skype for iPhone is now available in the US iTunes store, free of charge.

Microsoft announces Windows Marketplace partners, tweaked policies, designer WinMo 6.5 themes
Details are starting to come into focus on some of the finer points of Windows Mobile 6.5's launch later this year, and if you had to boil the news down to just two words, they'd be "pretty" and "support."

Dell Studio XPS 13 unboxing and hands-on
We finally managed to wrestle one of the sleek Studio XPSs from Dell's mitts, and we've got the pics to prove it.
Other news of import

Samsung's latest LED-packing HDTVs get official prices, availability
Finally, we can stop playing hide and seek with Samsung's 2009 lineup of edge lit LED HDTVs, now that its loosed official pricing and availability details for screens hitting shelves between now and June.

Samsung shows off Sprint's Instinct S30 (alias Instinct Mini)
No details are being offered just yet, but Samsung's Korean-language press service has slipped the first official shot of its Instinct S30 / Instinct Mini / M810 for Sprint.

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