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An offer you can refuse: Godfather II premium packs coming two weeks after launch


Two weeks after Godfather II launches April 7, several pieces of premium (i.e. get out your wallet, sucka) DLC will become available on Xbox 360 and PS3. Purchased separately, the three packs will set gamers back $14.75. The full bundle can be laundered for $10.
  • The Pentangeli Map Pack: All-new Cuba multiplayer map and Junkyard multiplayer map. ($6.75 / 540)
  • Level 4 Weapons Bundle: Modern Dillinger, the .700 Magnum Impact, the Herzstopper, the MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe, and the Street Sweeper. ($4.00 / 320)
  • Jack of All Trades: Download Jimmy Lira – Lira starts out with the arsonist, engineer, medic, and safecracker specialties and comes equipped with a level 2 machine gun – the MP38. ($4.00 / 320)
  • The Corleone Bundle -- All of the above ($10.00 / 800)
Although you're free to complain about these microtransaction shenanigans in the comments below, remember the best way to let EA know how you feel is by voting with your wallet. It's an offer you can refuse.

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