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April Fools: Bungie introduces BUNGLE, blows up your mind

Bungie takes the tournament scene seriously. How seriously? Enough to develop its own gaming league focusing on the niche shooter, Halo 3. How niche is it? It only sold a few million copies and there are a lot of people in the world. How many people? Stop asking so many questions. Google it, we don't know.

Bungie's new venture, the Bungie Ultimate Ninja Gaming League Extreme is poised to set the world on fire. Those brave enough to walk out of their mother's basement and into the fog of war are free to sign up now. A word of warning, though: You may want to practice your skill on any of the BUNGLE-approved maps -- designed by Bungie, creator of BUNGLE (and developer of Halo 3).

So, finish off your lunch burrito, wipe the shm?tz from your face and get ready to re-begin the fight you previously thought had been finished. BUNGLE is here and it's gonna tear you a new one.

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