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Big huge layoffs at Big Huge Games


THQ-owned Big Huge Games has reportedly laid off a "huge number" of employees, an unnamed source told Develop this morning. Reports less than two weeks ago had THQ selling Big Huge Games unless it found a buyer quickly. According to THQ spokesperson Julie MacMedan, THQ was looking for a buyer (at the time) to pick up Big Huge in the "near future." Considering the predicted 50 percent chance of survival of THQ, selling the Catan and Rise of Nations developer may be a last ditch endurance effort on the part of THQ that hasn't gone through, thus resulting in the job cuts.

We asked THQ for a statement regarding the alleged layoffs and Ms. MacMedan responded this evening, saying, "We continue to pursue a sale of Big Huge Games. Yesterday, some of the staff were notified that they were not going to be part of the future direction of the studio. We are not providing exact headcounts at this time." Little else is known at this time, though we've put in word to Big Huge Games for further comment and we'll update as news comes in.

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