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Cut the elevator music: Mass Effect 2 to feature faster loads


Somewhere in the galaxy, in the year 2183 ...

Tali: You would think that with all the advancements made by all our species, we'd be able to create a faster transport system. We have been standing in this elevator for at least a minute right now. I feel anxious knowing that while the Geth plan their new attack on this galaxy, all we can do is just stand here and do nothing. I feel so powerless! Thankfully, BioWare's Casey Hudson told MTV Multiplayer that our next adventure will utilize "a completely new system" to handle load times. The loads will be faster in Mass Effect 2 and will become "part of the game experience." It seems like in the future, we might not have to utilize such primitive technology.

Wrex: My people are dying.

Shepard: ...

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