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Explodemon! blows up on WiiWare, PSN in 2009


It's generally best to keep your character from exploding in most games. That's not the case in the latest effort from Curve Studios, developers of Buzz! Master Quiz for PSP. Explodemon! (we're guessing from the logo it's "explode" plus "demon," not "Explodémon") is described as "a loving homage to SNES-era Japanese action games," in which your Mega Man-esque character must explode to survive. Paradoxical much?

Judging by the trailer's content -- which, by the way, appears to be of the PS3 version -- the side-scrolling game takes its central mechanic quite seriously. Explodemon explodes to double jump, dash, attack and knock objects into enemies. The game, set for 2009 release on WiiWare, PSN and PC, seems like a potentially sweet, retro-inspired treat. Hopefully it doesn't bomb.

[Via GamerBytes]

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