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Fallout 3's 'The Pitt' still pitching a fit, Bethesda promises fix


It seems that Bethesda is still trying to dig itself out of the pit it fell into with the bug-filled initial release of Fallout 3's "The Pitt" DLC. After pulling the episode from Xbox Live, then releasing a "fixed" version of the content, it appears that some players are still experiencing issues, including freezes. Now the publisher is promising yet another fix.

"Since The Pitt went back up on Xbox LIVE last Wednesday, we've received feedback that some folks were experiencing freezing issues while trying to access The Pitt," reads an official statement on Bethesda's blog. "We're working with Microsoft to get a version of The Pitt up that corrects the aforementioned freezing issue. Once the content is up and available, we'll let you know."

Bethesda thanks Fallout fans in its post for their "support, patience and feedback" -- or, as the latter is otherwise known, hundreds of angry forum posts.

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