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FileFront rises from the grave


FileFront died ... and then it came back. We're pretty sure that makes it the world's first zombie file delivery site. Just a week ago, FileFront announced it was shutting down "due to the current economic conditions." Thankfully, some last-minute negotiations revived the site.

The original founders of FileFront were able to buy back the site from the struggling Ziff Davis Media, restoring all suspended services. "We thank Ziff Davis Media for their cooperation and willingness to keep the site and community alive," the founders commented.

Unfortunately, the announcement of FileFront's revival was made on April 1st, leading many to believe the site's restoration was simply a hoax. The site's statement reiterates three times that this news is real. We're glad to see FileFront is back -- it's always nice to see good news come out during these dire economic times.

[Thanks PS36Wii Fanboy!]

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