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Japanese gaming industry sales decreased in 2008

According to research conducted by Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, the Japanese gaming industry's year-to-year sales dropped in 2008. Total industry revenue reached ¥552.42 billion last year -- an 18 percent decrease from ¥676.95 billion in sales during 2007. Hardware sales dropped 27 percent from the previous year to ¥231.52 billion, while software sales only fell 11 percent, ending up at ¥320.91 billion.

Flamewar-fueling financial figures were also revealed in Enterbrain's study -- the DS reigned supreme in 2008, with 3,983,205 units sold. In addition, Pokémon Platinum was the year's highest grossing game, with 2,372,336 copies purchased. Second place went to the PSP with 3,230,563 units sold. Trailing behind, the Wii moved 2,257,575 consoles, the PS3 sold 999,903 units, and the Xbox 360 ended with a total of 398,633 consoles sold -- effectively doubling Microsoft's Japanese hardware sales figures from 2007.

What's with the slowdown, Japan? Did you guys collectively take up knitting or something? Don't get us wrong, knitting is awesome, but letting it interfere with your ludological purchasing habits is just plain irresponsible.

[Via Kotaku]

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