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JBL rolls out new ScreenArray speakers to cinemas, mansions

Steven Kim

If you personally own a cineplex, or just a really big home theater, you've no doubt discovered that filling large spaces with high SPLs takes a lot of power. Conventional "cones in a box" just aren't very efficient, which is why so many large venues use horn-loaded drivers; and it's also where JBL's new ScreenArray series of digital cinema loudspeakers fit in. The 4732, 3732, 3731, 4722 and 3722 models each feature the new 3-inch high-frequency compression driver that's also been goosed to blast through perforated screens with the treble intact, and they're also all available in amplified and passive flavors. Our local theater isn't exactly rolling in cash right now for this kind of purchase, but then again, there's nothing crappy sound coming from a blown driver to make us blacklist a theater once and for all.

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