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Konami will seize 'Saw' license


Konami's upcoming Silent Hill "re-imagining" doesn't mark its only forthcoming foray into the horror genre. According to The Cut Scene, the publisher has confirmed that it will seize Saw for an upcoming licensed game, hoping to balance the film franchise's gore and depraved puzzles with ... well, the gore and depraved puzzles one might expect to encounter in a video game.

Konami's marketing director, David Daniels, saw fit to label the move as a no-brainer, what with Saw having seen ticket sales of "over $600 million worldwide" and having sold over 16 million DVDs. Once considered as deceased publisher Brash's last chance at rising above mediocrity, the Saw game will be completed by developer Zombie and released alongside the next film -- Saw VI, in case you lost track -- this Fall on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Tasking you with navigating an asylum and defusing Jigsaw's trademark deathtraps, the Saw game promises to adopt an overt style of horror and make you "turn away from the screen for just a moment because of the visual intensity." Experience some of that visual intensity for yourself in the gallery below:

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