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Rumor: Lord of the Rings Online bound for Xbox 360


We've known since last summer that Turbine, developer of Lord of the Rings Online, is working on a console MMO -- just not what said game is. Enter Destructoid, which reports a rumor that the company is bringing LOTRO to Xbox 360.

We contacted Turbine for comment and spoke with its director of public relations, Adam Mersky. "We saw that rumor, too," he told us, adding, "We're not talking about what we're working on specifically, only that we're making a console MMO and actively working with Microsoft and Sony."

Mersky said Turbine is "making good progress" on the title, but any rumors that a console version of LOTRO is close to finished are false. "We plan to make more noise in a couple of months," he responded when asked about its plans to unveil the title. Will it be at E3? "We'll definitely have something to show by summer," said Mersky.

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